OOPS Bundles: 10 Items for $10!

OOPS Bundles: 10 Items for $10!

64 Reviews
  • $ 10.00

  • 25% actual oops, 75% perfectly cut old stock
  • mix of sheets and die cuts
  • all old paper (NOT new vinyl - vinyl oops sale will come at a later date)
  • a few may be slightly miscut, missing a sticker, off color, test paper, etc.
  • hair colors will be assorted

SHIPPING INFO (please read!!!): You can only purchase *ONE* oops bag per stamped letter mail shipment!! If you want more than one bag, you MUST choose tracked shipping OR checkout multiple times. No other way around it. Any order that has more than one bag and chooses stamped letter mail will be cancelled 🙁


Stamped Letter, *STICKERS ONLY* - $1.00
USPS First Class w/ Tracking - $3.50


Int'l Stamped Letter, *STICKERS ONLY* - $2.00
Canada First Class w/ Tracking - $8.00


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